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    If you have booked your train ticket to travel in any Indian Railways train, Goibibo makes it convenient for you to find out the Train Running Status through Goibibo app on your smartphone or through the Goibibo website. You can also check other details such as real time delay of a train, estimated time of train arrival, the station where the train departed from, and platform number where the train would arrive. To spot your train, Goibibo provides an accurate location where it has reached. All you have to do is send your train number on the app and get the updates in real time.

    How to check the Train Running Status of an Indian Railways train:

    To check the train running status, simply follow these steps mentioned below:

    • You can visit the Goibibo website or download the Goibibo app. If you download the app, you would then have to enter your mobile number to sign up. You can also sign up via Facebook or Whatsapp.
    • Once you click on the Whatsapp option, Whatsapp messenger will immediately show the option ‘Sign me into Goibibo’. You just have to tap the Send button.
    • Now the Whatsapp Messenger chat would show a link that you have to click.
    • This will redirect you to Goibibo’s app page where you have to fill in your first, middle, and last names.
    • Then you would need to click on the Trains option that is present on the top.
    • Click on the Train Status option and then enter the name of the train and the train number.
    • After typing the train number, tap the Check Status option below.
    • The name of the train and the live train running status at which station the train has reached will show on the message.
    • The result will also show the train’s expected time of arrival in the next railway station.
    • You will also get information about a train that has not departed yet and at what time it would depart.
    • The result will also inform you by how many minutes your train is running late and at which station the train would arrive.
    • You will also see when the train status was updated. The train status is updated regularly. If the Indian Railways Network is down you would have to try again later.
    • If the train has reached the destination, it will show the actual time when it arrived.
    • If you want to check through the Goibibo website mentioned above, type in the Train Number or Name, choose the date, and click on the Get Status option.

    How to check the Live Train Status:

    Let’s say, you are travelling from New Delhi to Mumbai by the Mumbai Rajdhani Express (NDLS – BCT). You simply have to type the train number, 12952. You could also type in the name of the train and the train number.

    After you tap on the Check Status option, you will get information on if it has departed from the first junction, New Delhi Railway Station. The result will also inform you of the expected departure time. Suppose you are leaving on 26 th November, 2018, it will show when the Train Running Status was previously updated and when it will depart. In this case, the expected departure time of the Mumbai Rajdhani Express train is 16.25 hours.

    With the Train Running Status, you can get detailed information from which platform the train would depart from and also, the distance of the different stations on the route from the point of origin. In this case, the Mumbai Rajdhani Express would depart from Platform number 3 in the New Delhi Railway Station.

    If you want to know if the Mumbai Rajdhani Express has departed, you can open the app again and type in the train number. Once the train departs, the live train running status is updated after a few minutes. You will also know if the train is running on the scheduled time.

    You will also be able to spot your train with this update. You will know at which station and at what time the train would reach next. In this case, the first station for the Mumbai Rajdhani Express train while going from New Delhi to Mumbai will be Kota Railway Junction. This station will show on the current update and will let you know the accurate time when the train will reach.

    When you type in a train number on Goibibo app or on the Goibibo website link, you will not receive the Live Train Status due to two reasons:

    • The train number is invalid.
    • The Live Train Status is not available at the given moment and you can try checking it later.

    Convenient way of checking train status

    Checking live train running status and any real time delay is made easier through Goibibo. Instead of calling or texting the Indian Railway number, 139, which remains busy at most times, this Goibibo’s service of train enquiry delivers results in an instant. This service is available at the palm of your hands and you would never have to stand in long queues again.

    Indian Railways

    India’s national railway system, Indian Railways, is one the largest railway networks in the world. It was officially established in the year 1853 and today it covers a total length of about 115,000 km. About 23 million passengers travel everyday by trains and there are about 12,617 passenger trains in total. Out of the 8000 railway stations in the country, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Kalka Shimla Railway, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Termninus are four UNESCO World Heritage sites.Trains are one of the most common ways of travelling in the country. Since so many passengers board the train on a daily basis, it is essential to know the correct status of trains. Now, passengers can now conveniently use the Goibibo app or visit the Goibibo website for any train enquiry.