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21 Mar' 23
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Book Hourly Car Rental on Goibibo

When it comes to travel, things often boil down to the most basic form of commute, cars. Be it traversing the bustling streets of metropolitan cities or major arterial interstate highways, roadways make for the most fundamental mode of transportation. With cars being the poster child of on-road transport, car rental services are an unavoidable task for travellers.

While local car rental services are easy to find in most big cities, they are rarely the most convenient and far from being reliable. Price and safety are some other key aspects when it comes to car rental. With a new car rental app cropping up each day, it is easy to get confused.

Goibibo provides a one-stop solution for car rental and cab related issues for travellers, with hourly car rental service being the newest in its list of services.

Car Rental Services on Goibibo

Golbibo has a variety of car rental options catering to the needs of all types of travellers. Each serves a different purpose but offers the same convenience and hassle-free car rental experience.

  • Hourly Rental

Navigating a new city is often complicated and hassle-inducing. The web of roadways, along with the complicated network of local transport can be overwhelming for most tourists. While regular cabs and local taxis are a viable solution, the price adds up after multiple trips covering several stops.

Golbibo’s hourly car rental solves just the issue with their multiple stops on one trip. Hourly car rental allows you to ditch multiple separate cab rides for one scheduled ride booked according to your required hours and kilometres. Get confirmed bookings and easy cancellations days or hours in advance. The hourly car rental service can only be booked via the Goibibo mobile app.

  • Airport Transfers

Catching a flight can be quite a hassle for seasoned and new travellers alike. While the tedious custom checks and lengthy boarding procedures are a mandate and can’t be helped, your journey to and from the airport need not offer the same experience. Goibibo offers car rentals for a convenient and relaxing ride before and after your flight, providing you with the best experience.

Pre-scheduled Airport Transfers allow you to avoid surge charges and rush hour queues. If a time crisis calls for urgency Golbibo’s partner Kiosk allows for instant boarding with no waiting queues. Golbibo’s extremely polite and skilled drivers make for quick and timely travel. Easy convenient booking via the Golbibo website or app makes for one less hassle for your travels.

  • Self-Drive Cars

For some, the joy of travelling is incomplete until they get to hold the wheel. The cool breeze paired with music and a car full of solitude make for a one-of-a-kind driving experience. For driving enthusiasts wanting that kind of experience, Golbibo’s Self Drive car rental provides the freedom and hands-on approach of your own car at a far-from-home location.

Self-driven car rentals are also a cheap option for people touring with their friends or family. The pickup and drop locations will be the same, with the driver responsible for covering the fuel, toll, and parking charges.

  • Outstation (One way/Round trip)

Outstation trips, no matter the distance, are best enjoyed in a car on open roads. While they may not always be the quickest, they are often the most thrilling and at times the most convenient option.

Goibibo offers scheduled outstation car rental for one-way as well as round trips. Choose from a variety of car options and packages for your outstation trip. Get acquainted with skilled and polite drivers with no hidden post charges on a car rental.

Benefits of Booking a Car Rental on Goibibo

Along with the inherent convenience, and ease of access Goibibo car rentals offer unparalleled benefits. All add up to the overall experience of the passengers.

Some of the benefits offered by Golbibo are: -

  • Ride assurance: Once booked you’re assured of a guaranteed ride on your scheduled date, time, and location.
  • No hidden charges: Pay only what is mentioned in the package.
  • Multiple stops within the same city at the lowest price.
  • Flexible cancellations with no cancellation charge until 6 hours before pickup.
  • Experienced and polite drivers for a better experience.
  • Clean and sanitised cabs for safe and hygienic travelling.
  • Hygiene kit containing sanitiser, masks, gloves, and other safety essentials available with select cabs.
  • Personalised journey with comfortable and family-friendly features.

How to Book a Car Rental Online on Goibibo

Booking car rental on Goibibo is as easy as it gets. Go through the following steps to rent a car from Golbibo from the comfort and convenience of your home.

  1. Visit the Goibibo website or download the Goibibo mobile app on your smartphone. The Goibibo app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, Apple app store, and Windows app store. (Hourly Car Rentals and Self-driven cars cannot be booked from the Goibibo website as of now).
  2. Go to the “Cab” tab on the Globibo home screen and select your preferred rental service.
  3. Enter your “Pickup Location”, and “Pickup Date” along with your preferred package. Click search when done.
  4. Go through the list of available options and “select” the one that best suits your requirements.
  5. Select your preferred payment plan, you can either pay the full amount online or a fraction of it and the rest to the driver when you’re picked up. Click on the “save and confirm” option to proceed.
  6. Enter your payment details if required and make payment from your preferred payment mode.
  7. You will receive your e-ticket shortly after confirming your booking. The cab and driver details will be shared via Whatsapp and SMS on the pickup date 30 mins before your scheduled pickup time.
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Cabs Booking FAQ

  • Where can I get Hourly Car rentals?

    You can book Hourly Car via Goibibo app. The Goibibo website does not provide Hourly Car service as of right now
  • Can I cancel my booking?

    While this varies between services, most let you cancel your booking, free of cost till a certain period of time, post which you might have to pay cancellation charges
  • Is the hourly car rental service available in my city?

    The hourly car rental service is available in most major cities across India. You can use the Goibibo app to check if it’s currently available in your city.