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(Stayed 11 Mar, 2022)

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charged breakfast amount but hotel denied for breakfast.I checkout 8:30AM and they asked that they could not provide so early.
(Stayed 27 Sep, 2021)

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worst experience of any hotel. poorest service. Room booked and during check in room was taken by hotel owner fir his friends. after wait of 1 hour room was given. next day after work came to hotel then luggage was found outside and room was taken again by owner. manager can't do anything.
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The property has a location score of1.7/5

  • Nawalgarh Road


    BAGIYA HOTEL is a reasonable choice for travellers looking for a budget accomodation in Sikar. It is located in Bhadwasi. Hotel is rated 1.7 out of 5, which is considered as bad.

    From all the Budget hotels in Sikar, BAGIYA HOTEL is very much popular among the tourists. A smooth check-in/check-out process, flexible policies and friendly management garner great customer satisfaction for this property. The Hotel has standard Check-In time as 12:00 PM and Check-Out time as 12:00 PM.

    What our guests think
    0% of the guests have recommended BAGIYA HOTEL on our platform. With an overall rating of 1.7 out of 5 (3 Ratings) and 100% have rated it as bad. Also, we recommend that guests must go through traveller reviews and ratings posted by fellow travellers on the Goibibo platform to ensure that BAGIYA HOTEL is best suited for them. For more detailed information about this hotel, you can check the Questions & Answers section as well on Goibibo. There you can find the answers of the questions asked by some of our users about this property.

    You can find numerous hotels in Sikar under different categories and BAGIYA HOTEL is one the best hotel under its category.