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It is predominantly home to Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes that are very much developed yet hadn’t lost their culture. The natives here are known to be social and modernized. Cherapunji and Mawsynram here receive highest average rainfall, which is why it is known as the wettest place on the earth.
Trip to Meghalaya is very cost friendly when compared to the attractions it boasts. But you might want to plan wisely because of changes in weather conditions. Moving on to attractions, here you will find living root bridges (trained by locals to grow in certain direction), beautiful waterfalls around Cherapunji and Shillong and longest sandstone caves. In addition to deep caves, where Mawlynnong (the cleanest Village in Asia) mermerises travellers with eco-friendly policies, Laitlum Canyon here gives adventure trippers a perfect view of the horizon. Also move through the crowd of Shillong’s Lewduh Bara Bazaar where people come to sell their fresh produce and livestock and have archery competitions. It is advised for tourists to visit market early to avoid the crowd. Meghalayan cuisine of spicy red meat and rice is as surprising as the tongue twisting names of other dishes. Makham-Bitchi, Khapa and Jhur Sideh are some commonly known Meghalayan dishes people love. This beautiful state proposes many adventure activities to its tourists like river rafting, kayaking, trekking, exploring the caves, camping, waterfall rappelling at Elephant Falls, stay in tree houses and many more.
One moment you will be enjoying the calmness of Meghalaya and the other moment running for shelter under banana leaves from rain. This is how unexpected this place is. Adventure and nature lovers need no more introduction, so pack your raincoats (most important) and trek along the tribal nature.

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