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PNR Status

PNR is a unique number which is assigned to every train ticket booked, and it tells about the status of train tickets. Through the PNR Status, you get to know if your ticket is reserved, has the status of Reservation against Cancellation (RAC), or waitlisted. It’s a 10-digits number which gives all the information about train and passenger details. 

IRCTC, or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, is the face of modern tourism in India. Besides train ticket bookings, you can enjoy the option of train PNR status checking along with other services such as checking seat availability, train schedule, and live train status on IRCTC.

Checking PNR Status

PNR status can be checked by putting the PNR number in the check PNR status section. After clicking the button, the current status of your train ticket shows up along with other details related to your journey. Moreover, you can find your PNR number on the top center in case of an e-ticket or at the topmost left corner on a ticket booked with Indian Railway Station. 

PNR Status Enquiry Via App

GoIbibo’s mobile app gives you the opportunity to check your PNR status quickly and provides regular updates on your PNR status enquiry. In addition to that, you also get information about the status of the reservation you made, coach position, and platform number of the train . 

Checking PNR Status Via SMS

 Indian Railways offers two ways for making a PNR enquiry. You can either send a text on ‘139’, a 3-digit number given by IRCTC, or you can send a SMS to 5676747 to get PNR train status delivered right into your inbox. However, the charge for sending a text on the given numbers is INR 3 per message. 

What is PNR?

PNR is a 10-digits system-generated numeric code provided by the IRCTC ticket booking system. Every time a train ticket is booked, a unique PNR is generated that contains booking details along with other information such as the confirmation status, name of the passenger, gender and age of the passenger and much more. With the PNR status checking feature, one can stay updated about everything related to train ticket bookings. 

What does a PNR number mean?

It’s quite simple to understand a PNR number. It can be broken down into two parts as the first three digits of the PNR number contains all the information regarding the ticket and the last 7-digits don’t contain any useful information, as they are just used to make the PNR number unique. You can find the following information via the PNR number:

  •  Passenger details such as their name, berth they have chosen, age, and their gender.
  •  Details such as the type of seat selected, berth, reservation quota, number of your train, the date of your journey, destination station, train origin station and the name of the station from where you will board the train. 
  • Type of transaction done, transaction details, and ticket fare. 
  • PNR’s first digit depends on the train’s zone in regards to the starting station of the train.
  •  Zonal Codes - 1 (SCR Secunderabad PRS); 2, 3 (NR, NCR, NWR, NER New Delhi PRS); 4, 5 (SR, SWR, SCR Chennai PRS); 6, 7 (NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, SECR Calcutta PRS); 8, 9 (CR, WCR, WR Mumbai PRS) 

How to enquire about PNR Status?

It is extremely easy to check train PNR status. Either visit the GoIbibo’s app or website and click the ‘Check PNR Status’ after entering the PNR number in the search box. You can also check your status by making a PNR enquiry in the following ways: 

  • Visit IRCTC’s official website 
  • Using the service of sending SMS offered by the Railways. You can send your PNR number at 139 or 5676747. 
  • You can check train PNR status by visiting the Railways enquiry counters physically.
  • You can also take a look at the final reservation chart which is put up around three hours before the departure. 
  • PNR status checking feature has made it so easy for the customers to track all booking details, live train status, PNR train status, cancellation details, and berth details from the comfort of their home.

The PNR number is valid for upto 9 months.

What is the probability of getting confirmation status?

 When you book train tickets, you may get your PNR train status as Waitlist. It means that your ticket is not reserved yet. The confirmation of your ticket depends on various factors such as how many train ticket bookings are made, the seats reserved for quotas, festive seasons or holidays and the number of cancellations being made. That’s why PNR status plays a major role in understanding the status of your ticket. You can check PNR status on GoIbibo by putting in your PNR number. 

PNR Status Enquiry Quick Facts


What is PNR in e-ticket? Passenger Name Record
Length of PNR no. It is a 10-digit unique code.
Meaning of first 3 digits of your PNR In the PNR number, the first 3 digits are called PRS. They give information about the system used by passengers to book train tickets.
Meaning of last 7 digits of your PNR The last seven digits are randomly generated by the system.
Validity period of a PNR number

A PNR is applicable for the maximum of 9 months. After that period, it becomes invalid. Same PNR can be generated after a year. 

Types of PNR Status

 There are different kinds of PNR status you can receive on booking your tickets. Each defines the status of your train ticket bookings. Here's what some of the abbreviations stands for: 

  • CNF - This metric on your PNR status shows whether your ticket is confirmed or not. CAN- It appears for the cancelled tickets. 
  • WL- It means Waiting List. 
  • RAC- It stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. 
  • GNWL- It stands for General Waiting List. It is a type of waitlist quota. 
  • PQWL- It means Pooled Quota Waiting List. The chances of getting confirmation for this status is quite low. 
  • RLWL- It stands for Remote Location Waiting List. It is issued to travelers for an intermediate railway station. 
  • TQWL- It stands for Tatkal Quota Waiting List and is issued for tatkal tickets
  • NOSB- It stands for No Seat berth. Under this status, children between the age of 5 to 12 can get on the train but no seat is reserved for them.


PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10-digit number that provides information regarding the details of travel printed on the train ticket for an Indian Railways train. This number is generated whenever you book a train ticket at Indian Railways ticket counter or through the ICRTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website. The Centre of Railway Information Systems stores this number after booking your ticket. PNR is only valid until the journey ends. If you want to check PNR status online, Goibibo conveniently provides you the exact information about your train ticket booking.

On an Indian railways train ticket, you can find the PNR on the top left hand corner. PNR is also sent through email and SMS for tickets booked from IRCTC website or from an online travel website.

You can check PNR Status online via Follow the steps mentioned below; Go to goibibo website or download the goibibo app. Click on "Check PNR status" button. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and search. You will get your booked train ticket current status along with passengers details.

PNR status will inform whether train ticket is in Confirmed (CNF), Waitlisted (WL) or Reservation Against Cancellation Station (RAC) status. It will also inform about the seating class, seat number, coach number, boarding time of the train and arriving time for your destination.

PNR status comprises the travel details in abbreviations. Below mentioned is the list of abbreviations and their meanings defining the PNR status of your ticket:

WL – Stands for Waitlist and the passenger with a Waitlist ticket cannot board the train.

RAC – Stands for Reservation Against Cancellation and passenger can travel in a berth with another passenger.

CNF – Stands for Confirmed and the allotment of the passenger’s seat is done.

CAN – Stands for Cancelled and the passenger cannot board the train.

TQWL – Stands for Tatkal Waitlist.

PQWL – Stands for Pooled Quota Waitlist and is for passenger who travels from the station where the train starts and gets down in a station before the last train destination.

RLWL – Stands for Remote Location Waitlist and is for passenger who travels between intermediary stations.

NOSB – Stands for No Seat Berth and is for child passengers below 12 years of age in which no seats are assigned for them.

The first digit of the starting three digits of a PNR number depends on the station where the train starts. The two succeeding numbers of the first three digits signify the ticket booked from a specific PRS centre. If the number starts from 1, it is issued from the Secunderabad PRS with the code - SCR. If the number starts from 2 or 3, it is issued from New Delhi PRS with the codes - NR, NCR, NWR, or NER. If the number starts from 4 or 5, it is issued from Chennai PRS with codes - SWR, SCR, or SR. If the number starts from 6 or 7, it is issued from Calcutta PRS with the codes -- NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, or SECR. If the number starts from 8 or 9, it is issued from Mumbai PRS with the codes - CR, WCR, or WR.

The remaining seven digits are only present to give the PNR number an irreplaceable identity. These numbers are generated arbitrarily.

You can check IRCTC PNR status via SMS: Type "PNR <Your 10 digit PNR number>" and send it to 139 OR via Dial 139 to get the live PNR status. Please note that carrier charges might apply for SMS and call.

If you are on the Waiting List then the chances of you getting a confirmed seat are if other passengers cancel their tickets.

Goibibo helps you with confirmation probability of Waitlisted tickets. It computes confirmation probability using Machine Learning algorithms which uses factors like cancellation trends, quota, seasonality, etc.

If the train ticket is bought at any railway station, the PNR number will be printed on the top left corner of the ticket. In case the ticket is bought online, the PNR number will be displayed separately on the top of the ticket.

A PNR is not valid after the journey. The Indian Railways deletes it after the journey has been completed.