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Train Running Status:

The real time tracking of GPS enabled trains in Indian railways is known as train running status of the train. Basically, it gives information about the last reported location of the train with estimated arrival time and estimated departure time for next upcoming railway stations in the route of that respective train. This Spot your train feature also gives information about the platform number on which train will arrive. Train running status is pretty accurate & gives real time status of the train with usually delay upto maximum 5 minutes. Live train status can be checked for all Indian trains that run under Indian Railways Reservations system.

Checking Train running status is important for both kind of railway passengers: one who still have to board the train and the others who are already on their train journey. For first set, live train status is important as they want to be updated about the Estimated time of arrival of their train at their respective station, so that they can reach the station at the right time. For second set of passengers, train running status is critical as they want to be updated about that at what time they will reach there destination so that they can plan accordingly.

How to Spot your train or check Live Train Status:

Best way to check train running status is either from Goibibo website or mobile app. Goibibo in collaboration with Indian Railways and IRCTC offers quick and easy facility to check the live train running status of your respective train. As a first step, enter the train number or train name in the search box for which live train enquiry is required. Goibibo's quick auto-suggest feature helps in quickly suggesting the train for which user is intending to check Live train status, on just entering 2-3 characters. Next step in checking train running status is to select the date for which user wants to do live train enquiry. Basis the selected train, Goibibo also shows the list of stations which this respective train covers. Selecting a specific train station is optional and is recommended if the user wants to check the running status of the train for a particular station only. Once these details are entered, click on Get Status button to check the live train status of your train.

What all Details come on checking Live Train Running Status:

From Live Train Running Status, you will get all details about the train including how much the train is delayed and estimated time of arrival to the upcoming station. Live Train Enquiry provides following information about the train journey:

  1. It Shows all stations which the respective train covers in its complete journey. It shows the stations in the sequential order, starting with the Origin station and ending with the destination station

  2. For each station, it shows the arrival time of the train on that station and also the departure time of the train from that station

  3. It also shows the amount of time for which train halted at a particular station

  4. Also, it shows the Delay time (if any) of all stations it has covered in its journey

  5. For stations, which train is yet to cover, it shows the Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Departure basis the current running status of the train

Popular Trains for checking Live Train Running Status:

Some of the popular trains for which passengers usually track their running status are as follows:

Apart from Spot your train or Live Train Running Status feature, Goibibo offers other utility features of Indian Railways like Train Ticket Booking, Checking PNR Status, IRCTC Create User ID, IRCTC Forgot Password etc., so it is recommended to use Goibibo for all these useful features.

FAQs about Live Train Running Status

Live train status is a means to track the train running status, to check its current location, its estimated arrival and departure at any station en-route. Through this, you can also check the real-time delay of the train. Through live train status, you would be able to analyze whether your train is running on time or not or would there be any delay in reaching for your train to your destination. For Live train status and train ticket booking use Goibibo.

The status of running trains usually changes because of any delay or halt. So instead of running back and forth to the helpdesk of the crowded railway station, you can now easily do the train enquiry on your phone via app or Goibibo website. With the help of Live Train Status, you can easily spot your train & can know the arrival and departure time of your train. You must frequently check the updates before boarding the train and as the arrival time comes nearer, you will be able to locate your train more accurately.

If you want to check the live train running status on your phone via SMS then you all you need is your train number and the STD code of the station. Type AD XXXXX YYYY and send it to 139. XXXXX five-digit train number and YYYY is your STD code. E.g.: AD 12434 0592 Remember, this SMS service is run by the Indian railways and is not free. You will be charged a very small amount if you use it.

Sometimes, Spot your train feature does not gives you the required information. This could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Specified train number or train name is not valid and hence train running status is not available

  • Specified Train does not run on the selected date

  • Sometimes due to network issue or congestion, information is not fetched from the Indian Railways system

  • If you are checking train running status through your mobile or laptop via internet connection, then due to low or no internet network on your device, this information is not fetched

You can easily check your train running status on Goibibo. First of all, go to the Goibibo website or open the app. Next, click on the tab of IRCTC Trains and on the right side, you will see the tab of Train Running Status. After clicking on it, you will get three columns to fill, respectively, train number, station and the start date of the train. Once you fill these columns, you can click on the Check Status. You will be directed to the page containing the train's schedule, the expected arrival and departure time from any particular station along with the halt time. Once the train departs, you can easily check live train running status on the app or the website after a few minutes.