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Domestic Airlines in India

The total number of world-class airlines providing regular service within Indian sectors is multiplying quite rapidly. Gone are the days when air travel was the prerogative of pretentious moguls only. Today air travel has got as economical as hiring a slightly expensive taxi service, however it is much faster and comfortable than any other transportation medium. Price is no longer a constraint while planning air travel for some urgent piece of work. Domestic airline service had a humble start competing with cheaper-than-a-dime transportation facility of buses and local cabs but domestic flight business picked up after the induction of private players into the Indian Aviation Industry.

Market competition has always been the inherent part of economy. However, thanks to the advent of reasonably-priced domestic flights, air travel in India has become prevalent among all divisions of economic sections in India. Business intensive west India, Heritage heaven of north India and Silicon Valley of south India are prominent checkpoints of domestic flights in India. The airlines running on domestic circuit offer heavy discounts and attractive offers to make their airline service more popular in local market. This popularity translates well into huge number of sales once their brand value gets established. Hence from customers' point of view, India's aviation sector is a buyer's market. Few of the established domestic airline services in the country are IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, Indian Airlines and Go Air.

There is not much margin between the price of first class train ticket and airfare in Indian travel market nowadays. The advent of LCC (Low Cost Carrier) service has revolutionized aviation industry worldwide including India. The ticket price for Delhi to Mumbai has dropped from Rs 6000 to Rs 2800 which is a generous rebate on domestic air tickets. The LCC are not over-the-top fancy like their flashy counterparts bur they are playing a great role in making air transportation available to all. Thus, the backdrop of air transportation medium in India has changed for good where everyone gets to travel like a star minus the lavish expenses.

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